works closely with a wide variety of clients, from installation contractors, engineering agencies, oil and utility companies to governments. Most of them are world leading players and operate globally, while others are in earlier stages of growth or operate in more niche and local markets. But all our clients have one thing in common: they are active within one of the following three key markets.

Offshore Wind: In the next decades sizeable offshore wind farms will be created. IHC IQIP has been involved in this market from the early start and is presently market leader for pile driving, noise reduction and pile handling & guiding for the installation of monopiles, jackets and tripods for complete wind farms and substations. With our big hammers, sleeves and handling equipment we are able to install the biggest monopiles in the market. Our Noise Mitigation System (NMS) is unique and the only proven technology for reducing noise during foundation installation. Besides installing turbine foundations, our equipment is also used for installation and maintenance of turbines.

Offshore Oil & Gas: Our long history in the oil & gas industry has a strong connection with the installation of floating and fixed structures, subsea development, deep water and pipe laying. The challenges faced by our clients led to the design and fabrication of intelligent equipment and smart solutions. Over the years, the oil & gas industry moved (and is still moving) from shallow to deeper, and even ultra-deep waters. IHC IQIP supports its clients during this transition by designing and producing equipment capable of withstanding deep water conditions. A relatively new market in which we are involved is decommissioning. The removal of structures, jackets, subsea templates and pipelines requires specialized and customized equipment or equipment that is a ‘spin-off’ from existing tools.

Coastal & Civil: The global market for onshore civil and coastal works is a huge and dynamic market. IHC IQIP has an unique position as the supplier of piling and drilling equipment for working under the most severe circumstances. Our equipment is often used for foundation building activities for container terminals, bridges, viaducts and jetty and mooring posts. Recently, interest has increased with regard to the hammer rock breaker combination for the dredging industry.